Friday, April 24, 2009

Time to Get Serious!

Not much to report in the weight loss stakes this week. I have maintained. But, at least I haven’t gained! I think a kick-start is definitely in order! (Or should that be a swift butt-kick???!!)

It is time to get serious! Seven weeks to my niece’s wedding and I promised myself that I would be at least 2 stone lighter by then. Nose to the grindstone it is then.

I’m back at work now and will be blogging every week again so, hopefully, that will give me the inspiration to really go for it weight loss wise. I’m not sure I chose the best week in the world to go back to work after my operation though. Not only has it been glorious sunshine since I got back but we also had some major projects with today as their deadline so everyone has been running round like headless chickens and we’ve been able to taste the stress in the atmosphere!! Lol

That said, both projects look fab so it’ll be worth it in the end!

I’m sure you have all seen the new diet pill available over the counter at pharmacists from this week – Alli. A lower dosage of the drug called Orlistat, the new Alli weight loss pill is being heralded as a ‘weight loss wonder drug’. Weight Loss Resources’ dietitian has investigated this ‘new’ drug and has put her findings in a report along with a review of the Alli diet pill. But what do you think? What pills and potions have you tried in the past? Would you give Alli a try or do you think you wouldn’t touch that kind of thing with a barge pole?

Hopefully, next week I’ll be able to report a loss and be a few pounds lighter. I must admit that, for me, the fact I am getting there without drugs and doing it through adopting a healthier lifestyle only adds to the elation when I step on the scales and see the numbers going down.

See you next week :o)