Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Weight Loss Confession

Hi and welcome one and all to my blog.
This is the first of a weekly (maybe more) journal that will follow me as I go from a self-confessed couch potato with a massive BMI of 32.3 to a fit and healthy 38 year old wife and mother of one daughter and two step-daughters.
This blog is intended to entertain, educate and generate discussion so, I look forward to hearing from you.
Here goes. My first confession. I ought to stand up for this bit.

My name is Trudi, I am 38 and weigh 14 stone 4 lbs.

Phew, glad that’s done!

Over the years I have tried loads of diets. Some were successful in some ways cos I lost weight but, with all of them I didn’t manage to keep it off. I did Atkins for a while and managed to lose three stone. But, 2 years down the line all the fat was back on my waistline and it had brought some friends with it too! The Monday morning diet also had quite a few outings but by Tuesday or Wednesday, had fallen by the wayside.
I guess I have now come to the conclusion that quick fixes and faddy diets ain’t gonna get me to a decent weight and keep me there.
Skill, determination and knowledge of the game are what I need. Using anything and everything at my disposal to reach a more becoming weight!
With this blog, I am offering you a chance to come along for the ride. I will also be posting about current topics to do with weight and health and would love to hear opinions from anyone who has something to say. (Be nice!)
I’m going to sign off for now but, keep watching and reading.

See you soon,