Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Bad Week :o(

I’ve had a bad week this week.

Ever heard of a thunderclap headache? No me neither – till I got one on Sunday. Instant pain like you’ve never felt before, lasts about 5 minutes then dulls to a constant headache which has lasted all week. So, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and I haven’t been quite so careful.

Well, the proof is definitely in the pudding! I have put on a pound and am back up to 14 stone. Yah boo sucks! Must do better. (Reminds me of being back at school!)

My OH and I decided to crack out the children’s Wii Fit at the weekend and I have to say much merriment ensured!

The hula hooping is really good fun especially watching my OH do it. I thought he actually had some rhythm – I was wrong! Lol. That said, I dread to think what I looked like from the sofa!

One word of advice to all you guys out there though. Don’t do the jogging section while wearing pj bottoms with the slit at the front – need I say anymore?

The Limbos challenge is complete. I ate a bag, as did a few of my colleagues and the general feeling was that they were ok. But it did spark the ‘ole Marmite’ discussion.

What other low fat, diet, slimming foods are out there that need a 2nd opinion?

See you next week,
Trudi :o)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Five a Day Question

Just a quick question.

Does Champagne count towards your five a day cos it's made from grapes?

Anyone know? :o)