Friday, May 1, 2009

Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Oh Dear!

Oh woe is me. A blooming 2lb gain for me this week! Not a happy bunny. :o(

Of course, I do know why and the blame lies squarely at my own feet. I HAVEN’T been careful with my calories and I HAVEN’T been using my
food diary and as far as exercise goes – yeah right! (Goodness, feels like I’m in Confession!) I know sticking to the right calories and exercising can only result in me shifting the weight and yet, Pizza Hut calls to me!

I guess I could have been more careful when we got there and had a salad. I think the new push from the Food Standards Agency
asking restaurants to carry nutritional info on their menus would be very helpful for me. Might make me chose more healthy dishes than garlic bread with cheese, pizza all finished off with Banoffee Pie. I did have diet coke though! Lol

Exercise is definitely the way forward. It means I can add extra calories to my allowance every time I do anything. The
Exercise Database at Weight Loss Resources is great. It has a huge amount of different exercises and it tells you how many extra calories you can burn for each one.

Did any of you watch the Marathon at the weekend? Or, did you actually enter it? I am in awe of the determination of people who do marathons and things like that. Weight Loss Resources has a list of
local organised runs and events if you would like to join in. Some of them are just for fun and some are for charity.

Do any of you run marathons or half marathons? Is running the exercise you do and do you run on a
treadmill or on the road or a mixture of the two? I’m still at walking pace at the moment but I will get there! :o)

Well, the sun is shining and the weather is looking ok-ish for the Bank Holiday weekend so just right for getting out and about and getting active. There’s loads of
fun activities to get you moving without having to lock yourself away in the gym. And, including the kids or the OH can make it a family affair – perfect for a Bank Holiday!

We’ve got my OH’s children and my niece this weekend so I think we are going to visit our local stately home for the huge craft fayre they have there every year. It’s normally massive so plenty of walking to be done. Then on Monday (if the weather holds out) a nice bike ride with the kiddles. :o)

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend Guys,

Trudi :o)