Friday, March 13, 2009

Goals and Results

Yay! Have hit my first major milestone this week. I have lost a stone since I started. In fact, I have lost 1 stone and 2lbs!

Weight in: 13 stone 5lbs – Wahoo! :o)

A very good week this week – 3lbs off.

What I really find motivating is to check out my progress on my Goals and Results chart in Weight Loss Resources. Seeing the line gradually making its way down to the bottom is really inspiring. :o)

Think I may take the advice on this week’s homepage at Weight Loss Resources and treat myself to a home health spa day.

How often do you get to the end of a bad week and think to yourself that you deserve a bottle of wine or a takeaway to commiserate? But, have you noticed if you have a good week you also deserve a bottle of wine and a takeaway to celebrate? Funny that isn’t it? I guess the trick is to find something that doesn’t revolve around food and drink that you can do to celebrate or commiserate.

My favourite thing is a nice, long, hot bubble bath with candles, a good book and a cup of coffee. My friend, a regular gym attendee, treats herself to a sauna after a strenuous workout. What about you guys?

Just to remind you there won’t be a blog next week cos I’ll be in hospital. Hopefully, I will still continue to lose for that week. Should at least be properly balanced and the correct portion sizes eh? Unfortunately, there is a Costa in the hospital and one of my biggest weaknesses is a large latte! So I’ll have to be careful there – the Weight Loss Resources Food Database tells me it’s 190 calories in one cup!!!!

See you in two weeks guys. Take care.

Trudi x