Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Temptations

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the big gap between posts. Hospital visit went well and I’m on the mend now.

Well, while I was in hospital I lost a whopping 4lbs!! Wahoo!

Weight 13 stone 1lb

Unfortunately, in the week that I’ve been home, I have put on 5lbs! Yah, boo sucks.

Weight 13 stone 6lbs!

That said, I am not able to move around much and I’m sooo bored so I guess eating seems to be taking over. So no surprise there really. Am determined to lose it all again and am back on the wagon this week. I’m able to get around a bit better too so am not quite so sedentary.

It’s the boredom that is really getting to me. What do you guys do when there’s not much to do (or not much you can do) and the munchies are eating away at your resolve?

To top it all, Easter is round the corner. Mmmmmm
chocolate! We have told our girls that we’re not doing Easter eggs this year. They get so many from Grandparents that they really don’t need any extra from us. So, we’re going for a nice long, leisurely walk (weather permitting) and a picnic. Now all I need to do is make sure the picnic is nice and healthy and I will have headed temptation off at the pass!

What I need is some inspiration to keep me on the straight and narrow. There’s some excellent ideas in a new article from Weight Loss Resources – 20 Ways to Have a Brilliant Weight Loss Day. I think I might see if I can arrange to go for a coffee with some friends to catch up on what’s been happening while I’ve been out of action and my face would definitely benefit from a lovely facial. Mmmm sounds like a plan :o)

Anyway, I’m going to sign off now. I will be posting again on Friday, so watch this space. Here’s hoping that at least a few pounds will have come off!

Take care,