Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad, Bad, Bad!

Oh what a week and a bit it has been! I’ve been out for meals and had a takeaway and, boy, does it show on the scales! I’ve put on 4lbs. I obviously haven’t quite got to grips with this eating out malarkey and staying within my cals for the day! I suppose it doesn’t help when I have to go to London for a business meeting and I have a New York Cheesecake for pudding – really didn’t need it!

I’ve always had a bit of a sweet tooth but, thought I had managed to get it under control recently. I was wrong! That said, since I can remember, my family has treated food as a social thing. Mealtimes were always a time for the family to gather and talk about their day. My favourite thing to do when I’m socialising is to go out for a meal. Good food, good company and good wine! I guess I just need to learn to make healthy choices instead of calorie laden ones when I am eating out and maybe, a fruit salad if I need a pudding!

And comfort eating??? Don’t talk to me about that! Had some sadness in the family this week and the crisps and chocolate have taken a battering. I need to build some strategies for that one. What do you guys do when the blues hit? I know everything in moderation is ok – it’s the moderation bit I seem to be having an issue with. But the biggest problem is the disappointment I have in myself when I stand on the scales!

I have hovered between 13 stone 4lbs and 13 stone 8lbs for what seems like months now. The silver lining is that I know it is down to me and where my head is at. Get your head straight and everything else will follow. I have always known that I am completely potty though so, no surprises there eh? :o)

What have you guys done to get your head straight? What was the catalyst for you to start on your weight loss journey? I still have those jeans from New York in my mind and I WILL get into them!

See you next week,

Trudi x