Thursday, February 26, 2009


Had a 21st birthday party to go to at the weekend and my willpower just danced off into the distance when they brought the buffet out!

I weighed myself on Monday to see how bad it was. A 4lb gain!!

I have actually managed to lose 3 of the guilty 4lbs but that means a total gain rather than a loss. I’m not a happy bunny!

I started walking this week though. If I’m not so weak willed this weekend, that will help in my quest to fit into my Calvin Klein jeans. I did an hour on Monday night with my friend Julie and her dog, Kavhe and 45 minutes last night.

Weight Loss Resources is launching their Walk the Weight Off 2009 Challenge this weekend. Did you know that if you walk for half an hour at about 3mph you can burn 128 calories? More than enough for an extra Curly Wurly. And, if you go for it at 4mph for an hour you can burn an extra 368 calories!

I’m definitely going to give the challenge a go and walk my weight off! It’s free, easy and fun if you do it with a friend.

I also did 3 hours of ironing on Tuesday. Now anyone who knows me will be falling off their chair reading this ‘cos I don’t iron. I’ll even buy clothes depending on whether they are going to need ironing or not. Crinkle material is a favourite of mine! But, stood there with my iPod going I burned an extra 368 calories according to the Weight Loss Resources Exercise Database. Think my iron might get an outing much more often!

In fact, I’m off to do some more now – catch you all next week :o)

Take care,