Thursday, January 15, 2009

Drum Roll Required

Weigh in today.

Drum roll please! Duh duh dah!

13 stone 13lbs! Yay me!

Vital statistics:

Chest 42”
Waist 37”
Hips 43”

Yah boo sucks! Lost half an inch from my lady bumps. Not the place I want to lose inches from! My waist? Yes. Hips? Of course. But, please, not those!

Well, this week has gone well. I have been filling in my food diary at
Weight Loss Resources every day and have come in under my calorie quota most days.

I am being told off by my colleagues for weighing myself every day. You’re only supposed to do it once a week to allow for normal body fluctuations. But, I can’t help it. They are threatening to confiscate the scales. I guess I am a bit obsessed!

Surprisingly, I’ve not found it too difficult to keep within my calories. I am not starving hungry the whole time and, even though a few of my colleagues keep tempting me with Creme Eggs, cookies and stuff, my resolve has seen me through. I even turned down a fried egg roll from the food van the other day in favour of a bowl of porridge. So unlike me.

I have been playing with the
food database at Weight Loss Resources and found some real surprises.

Chicken Kievs (the breaded kind from Tescos) are one of my favourite meals. I would normally have two of them with some new potatoes and garden peas for my dinner. They are, wait for it . . . . 309 calories each! Mind you, I did wonder if that takes into account the fact that all the filling leaks out onto the baking tray during cooking and welds itself there.

I did some historic research on my food diary this week because I knew that I had filled it in for a few days when I first started working at WLR. I thought it would be helpful to compare what I am eating now to then. Now, that was a horror story! 2695 calories in one day and I thought I had been good eating hummus and pitta bread for my lunch. OK, so it wasn’t low calorie hummus and I did eat 5 pittas.

This would go some way to explain how much weight I have lost so far. That and, in the first week most people lose a fair amount. It should settle down to about 1 or 2lbs a week. 8lbs in a little over a week is neither healthy nor sustainable.

Note to self: Ryvita Minis – don’t ever buy them again. They taste like pieces of cardboard, dipped in cheese and onion flavouring and left on the windowsill in the sun to dry.

Right, I’m off to eat my breakfast. Bowl of porridge and 100g of cherries :o)

See you next week,