Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dissolved Resolve

Hi Guys,

Well all I can say is that alcohol dissolves your resolve!

Valentine’s weekend proved to be a bit of a sticking block for me. OH had booked me in for a posh facial and back massage as my pressie on Saturday (bless him) so we agreed to go out on Friday – didn’t think I would really feel like getting dressed up after being pampered on Saturday!

So we went for a meal and I tried to be good. I did have a starter but no pud and I had salad as an accompaniment to my main. But I had a Tia Maria and diet coke (120 cals). We then decided to meet up with some friends at our local and the alcohol continued to flow. (I’m sooooo naughty!) Then, the Landlady ordered pizza! I was better than I would have been though – I only had two thin slices :o) But, I so didn’t need them.

I have to say the weekend continued along a similar vein so, not great. Fajitas on Saturday night and a Chinese on Sunday evening! I did hop on the scales on Monday just to see how badly things had gone. A 2lb weight gain!

That said, at my weigh in today, the 2lb gain has gone and I’m back to 13 stone 10lbs so not too bad. I have been calorie counting with Weight Loss Resources for 6 weeks now and have lost a total of 11lbs. Not too shabby!

But, I have got a wedding to go to in June so, I’m gonna get my nose to the grindstone and really go for it. With luck, determination and knowledge of the game I should be about a stone off my goal weight by then!

How did you all do over the weekend?

See you next week,

Trudi :o)